British Boxing News

British Boxing News is unique in its philosophy and qualities.

TR Sports Agency set up the news website specifically with fledgling pro's in mind, trying to make their mark in the paid game, struggling to sell tickets and attract headlines like the big names such as Anthony Joshua, David Haye, Amir Khan etc.

So BBN was formed by Tim Rickson of TR Sports Agency with the firm stance to give a particular focus and spotlight to the up-and-coming prospects, small hall fighters, and debutants - check our regular feature, Debut Corner!

BBN is very much for all fighters in the UK but has a special fondness and affinity towards the smaller guys over the bigger names.

Since its humble origins back in August 2014, BBN receives over 20k website hits per month with a social media reach of over 200k, and is on the media mailing list for all of the top promoters in the UK such as Steve Goodwin, Dennis Hobson, Frank Warren, Gianluca Di Caro and many more. It has half-a-dozen writers that attend Sky Sports, BT Sports, Channel 5 and many other boxing shows to report ringside.