Ace Adams

Ace Adams

Ace Adam is a former ABA finalist and Queensbury Boxing League light-heavyweight champion.

The 25-year-old trains at Sting ABC in Croydon where he won the London ABAs, reached the Novices finals and went on to become an undefeated QBL champion.

Now, the super-middleweight has turned pro under the management of former world heavyweight title contender Scott Welch and will debut in June this year.

His grandfather, Lloyd Barnett, was a professional boxer during 1947-1953. He won 21 from 40 fights and went the distance over eight-rounds with world heavyweight champion Ingemar Johansson.

Despite the influence, it was actually Ace’s uncle that first took him to the boxing gym, after an incident where he had to defend himself from two muggers attempting to steal his mobile phone when he was just 17. He managed to fight the attackers off but went to Balham Boxing Club with his uncle to learn how to box properly to be able to defend himself.

Eight years on and he is now a professional boxer!