Philip Jones Timber Products branch out to sponsor Welsh boxing champion Kieran Gething

Philip Jones Timber Products branch out to sponsor Welsh champion Kieran Gething

Published On Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Philip Jones Timber Products branch out to sponsor Welsh champion Kieran Gething

Family-run business Philip Jones Timber Products in Ebbw Vale back their local champion

Welsh Area super-lightweight champion Kieran Gething received a welcome boost to his professional boxing career when the leading suppliers of timber materials in the Ebbw Vale area, Philip Jones Timber Products, became an official sponsor.

In May 2020, the champ and the sawmill came together to form an alliance that will benefit the boxer with a financial boost to his career.

Gething beamed, “I’m honoured to announce that Philip Jones Timber Products have officially joined ‘Team Gething’ and will be financially supporting my career, and I couldn’t be happier about it.”

Kieran Gething was a multiple national champion in the amateurs and has replicated the success in the pro ranks. He was proud to captain the Welsh national team and always aims to represent his area whenever he fights. He even writes a weekly column in his local newspaper – Abergavenny Chronicle – to keep fans updated on his career and progress.

The 26-year-old pugilist is married with two children and runs his own construction company alongside his professional boxing career.

“The connection came through a link set up through my business,” he explained. “We recently started working together and built up a good rapport; they have been very good to me during this difficult time. I find them very friendly, approachable and trustworthy.

“They are a family run business and very nice company to be involved with, and I’d like to personally thank Danielle Jones for all the support.”

Director of Philip Jones Timber Products Ltd, Danielle Jones, added, “We are proud to be supporting Kieran in his boxing career. We know how hard he trains whilst successfully running his business and being a family man. 

“Seeing how committed he is made us, as a family business, proud to be part of his team. We wish him the best of luck for upcoming events and are behind him 100 per cent!”

Gething, who’s last fight was live on Sky Sports, provided an update on his boxing career, “I’m around four weeks into my training camp now and we are just about to start ramping it up, as I’m aiming to be fight-ready for mid-July.

“I cannot say anything at the moment, but my management company, MTK Global, are working on getting me an opponent and a fight date. Hopefully, I’ll be able to announce the news real soon.”