Jamie McDonnell

Jamie McDonnell still believes he could have slayed ‘Monster’ Inoue

Published On Tuesday, April 16, 2019
Nathan Weise

Jamie McDonnell still believes he could have slayed ‘Monster’ Inoue

Jamie McDonnell resolute he could have beaten ‘Monster’ Inoue

Jamie McDonnell is not a once bitten twice shy kind of man. Being beaten in the ring does not deter him from believing that he has what it takes to floor the man who walloped him.

Many people would probably not take this route as they may believe it is better to bow out once you are beaten. Not Jamie MacDonnell. The once WBA bantamweight title holder believes he made a few weight –related errors in the first round that led to his defeat. He insists that with a different weight, he would have made the Japanese champion, Naoya Inoue, eat dust and the championship would have been his. Jamie believes that if he had not pushed the weight too long-not advisable for his age-he would have won.

At you will get the details. He is convinced that he can still beat Inoue. McDonnell says that even if everyone raves about Inoue, he knows he can still beat him.

One Too Many at Bantamweight:

People laugh and remind him that Inoue blasted him in a round, a fact McDonnell does not dispute, but he insists the star did not get the best of him. He claims that he simply had had one too many bouts at bantamweight and that a couple of years before that fateful fight it would have been different. Had he come in as he usually did and with the proper weight, MacDonnell is certain he would have emerged the victor. He concedes that Inoue is a great fighter and hopes that he knocks others out in the first round even if it makes McDonnell look bad. Ultimately, he fought with a fighter who has won world titles in many divisions and it makes him proud to have battled it out with one of the world’s best. It is however not easy for him to admit that Inoue, his old adversary, is the favourite to win the World Boxing Super Series bantamweight tournament.

McDonnell’s Career:

McDonnell has WBA and IBF belts to his name. He is done with the bantamweight division and is getting ready for his second attempt for a title as a super-bantam weight. At the ripe old of 33, he is fit, healthy and ambitious. He is positive that he will get world titles as a super-bantamweight fighter. His response to those who ask whether he is retired is that he has just turned 33 and does not feel it. He has had a good run and a few 12-round fights but he is yet to have many really hard ones. He is more determined than ever this time round to win a world title as a super-bantam. People may be pessimistic as they feel he is getting on in age, but he believes he could still pull a surprise as he still has at least three years left. He has his eyes on Daniel Roman with whom he hopes to have a tune-up fight before they get to the major one.


McDonnell wants the world title this time round. He says he is better prepared for it as last time he just did what he had to do. He has won the title once and he is certain he can do it again. He plans to return to the ring in June. This is approximately thirteen months after the ‘Monster’ fiasco.